The Bluem Story

 Bluem Prints is a locally-owned and operated greeting card company based out of Roseville, California. We use fundamental art techniques—collage, handwriting, painting—to build one-of-a-kind cards for every occasion. We hope our colorful, playful greeting cards remind everyone what a joy coloring, cutting, pasting, and good old fashioned letter-writing can be.

Bluem Prints was founded in 2018 by Colleen Hendon, Kiki Hendon, and Emily Rhoades to provide young adults with special needs a creative outlet and a productive and positive work environment. The idea to design and print greeting cards was inspired by the thousands of hand-written cards Kiki has sent over the years. Kiki’s passion for art and note writing, Emily’s can-do attitude, and Colleen’s small-business expertise make for the perfect team. Since its founding, Bluem Prints has used hard work, collaboration, and a whole lot of creativity to build an idea into a successful small business.

So, how did we come up with the name Bluem Prints? Bluem, pronounced bloom, is a combination of Blue to represent Autism and Em for Emily.